Where Did Our Enjoyment of Eating Go?

garlic-139659When was the last time you sat down to thoroughly enjoy a meal and got up from the table feeling energized and completely satiated? Food is the most powerful tool for maintaining health and also should be an enormous source of enjoyment and fulfillment. Choosing healthy food isn’t as simple as it used to be, with all the conflicting information out there. We used to be able to simply avoid processed foods, eat more fresh ingredients and avoid frying. Now the rules have changed. The very ingredients that used to be healthy have been sprayed, genetically altered, irradiated and had undisclosed ingredients added.

So much wisdom and common sense has been lost after several generations of commercial bombardment. How do we know what foods & products are safe and healthy? We may be trying to live sustainability and support local businesses but how do we do it all? As shocking as the truths I share are, I always cite sources in my Better Living Tips.

I’ll admit that I’ve become obsessed with the lost art and science of nutrition and am constantly amazed at our modern society views eating as merely entertainment. I find it fascinating that so many ailments are treated with drugs when dietary adjustments would be more effective and have added health benefits.

It’s impossible to learn about food without delving into food production and the origins of our produce and meats. So much of the goodness of our diets is present in ingredients before we do anything with them. How they are grown, how animals are raised and processed and the transport of these items to our grocery shelves, have profound impact on their quality. Food quality is something big agriculture shrugs off and spends huge money to suppress. But, there are courageous people out there who are getting the information out and I aim to share it in my Better Living Guide.

When you begin to look around and ask questions, it’s shocking what you learn!

I’m on a journey to source the best raw ingredients, cook them in the healthiest possible way, incorporate more sustainable practices into my everyday life and avoid common pitfalls.

During this journey I am always finding interesting and fun ways to enjoy life – all while staying safe and healthy.

Better Living Tips

As our individual health and the stability of the planet continue to decline, we all must eventually face facts that the decisions we make every day have a profound effect.

On the flip-side, simple changes in our decisions can have an equally profound effect in the welfare of our families, our soil & animals, local economies and global sustainability.

Admittedly, this is an enormous topic. At times we feel powerless and frustrated the more we learn. But, if enough of us make simple changes which improve our health and the sustainability of our communities, the impact will grow exponentially.

However stirring the topics I write about are, I will always finish with a Better Living Tip as a call to action. We are not powerless. We do not have to wait for legislation and for companies to change practices. Our spending is the life-blood of companies and we have the power to demand better choices.

I hope you’ll find these articles helpful and I welcome your feedback!


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