Is modern agriculture the way to feed the world?

AgricultureThe mantra of Big Agriculture is that food production on a huge and commercial scale is the only way to feed the starving. Where in truth, this type of agriculture serves to feed corporations’ profits and consume a huge amount of natural resources in producing sub-quality products.

The ETC, a research and advocacy group in Ottawa, reports:

The industrial food chain uses 70 percent of agricultural resources to provide 30 percent of the world’s food, whereas what ETC calls “the peasant food web” produces the remaining 70 percent using only 30 percent of the resources.

Apart from the environmental repercussions, crops raising in such industrial fashion are devoid of the same quality, therefore causing those who aren’t starving to be undernourished.

Not underfed, but undernourished.

While there are a billion people in the world who are hungry, there are 3 billion who aren’t eating well.

Mark Bittman writes more about the many benefits of small farming over Big Ag.


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