Do We Understand the Process of Processed Foods?

processed-cereal-process-revealedWe know that processed food is damaging to our health and many of us have cut out products that we consider to be highly processed.

When you’re making this mental list, do you include health store breakfast cereals, milk, orange juice and soups?

Health Store & Organic Breakfast Cereal

We know that breakfast cereals are processed to some extent but aren’t health store versions with low sugar full of vitamins & minerals from the grains?

Milk & Orange Juice

Milk and orange juice may seem like unprocessed foods but when you understand the lengthy process they go through before getting to our table, you’ll see that they compete with the most processed foods available. More frightening, is learning how the new orange juice processing is accomplished – with the whole orange thrown into the machine, pesticides and all.

One of the things I loved, in the below article by author Sally Fallon Morell, M.A., is that she doesn’t simply condemn processed foods leaving us angry. She finishes her article by outlining what to eat instead of these foods.

She also shares this beautiful quote about the lost wisdom of food preparation:

Food preparation is actually a sacred activity: According to esoteric lore, “If a woman could see the sparks of light going forth from her fingertips when she is cooking, and the energy that goes into the food she handles, she would realize how much of herself she imbues into the meals that she prepares for her family and friends. It is one of the most important and least understood activities of life that the feelings that go into the preparation of food affect everyone who partakes of it. This activity should be unhurried, peaceful and happy because the energy that flows into that food impacts the energy of the receiver.”

I wholeheartedly agree with her assessment that if we have so little time to prepare safe and healthy meals for our families, we need to question what else we’re spending our time doing that is so important?

Read the full version of Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry by Sally Fallon Morell, M.A., nutrition journalist & food historian.


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