Gratuity on Civility?

Its important to be politeOne of the topics that I find myself constantly harping on is how many of us have lost our humanity.

When we carry-out everyday transactions; speaking to the bank teller, driving in busy traffic and ordering in a restaurant, we seem to have forgotten that the people we deal with are PEOPLE. They are representatives of the establishment for whom they work but more-so they are our neighbors and fellow humans.

Ask yourself, “if this gas station attendant was a friend, would I approach them differently”?

If the answer is “yes”, you may need to rethink how you normally conduct yourself.

We all have stresses, we all have days where we just can’t cope but we have to remember that if we pass on our angst, we could be the cause of someone else’s stress even if unintended.

On the flip-side, it’s amazing how a smile, greeting and the sharing of what a bad day you’re having actually brings out a whole-hearted commiseration on behalf of perfect strangers.

Especially during this hectic holiday season, please don’t forget your manners. You may find that the droves that you’re moving among each day actually have something interesting and human to say.

I love this article about a French cafe who’s product charge is based on how polite the customer is. They are actually getting away with it! Read the full article about how important it is to be civil.


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