EWG Launches Safe Product App

One of my favorite sources for finding safe personal care products has taken their online database and put it into an app! You can even scan a product’s bar code to see its safety score.


Get EWG’s Skindeep database app.

When I became aware of the hazards contained in many common soaps, shampoo, cosmetics and baby supplies, I began consulting the EWG Skindeep Database. I can easily look up a product I own to see how it rates for safety, or make a list of alternatives to bring to the store.

Believe me, when I first heard of this database I made a pile of all of our cosmetics and personal care products and searched each one. Some I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were safe but many were put straight into the garbage.

Now I have that same database at my fingertips while I’m shopping!

About the Skindeep Database

Each product’s ingredients are evaluated to find the product’s safety score. You can also see how it rates under specific types of hazards.


Scores are shown under the following categories:

  • Overall Score – a total evaluation of all ingredient risk
  • Cancer
  • Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity
  • Allergies & Immunotoxicity
  • Use Restrictions

The 0-10 scale of each known ingredient is shown and an explanation is provided as to specific hazards. Unfortunately, not all products disclose every ingredient and data can be limited for some ingredients.


If your favorite product doesn’t rate well, simply search for all mascaras, for example, and you will see a list of those in the database starting with the best rated.

Up until I started using this safe product database, I had to base my purchasing decisions on what manufacturers themselves said about how safe or eco friendly their products are.

I now use the database for every purchasing decision, to get a good overview of what ingredients are problematic, the reasons, and an opportunity to find products containing less harmful ingredients. If a product is not yet listed within the database, you may search the individual ingredients, to find if they are safe.

Other information about products is also available, such as whether they test on animals, which is very important in my purchasing decisions.

Don’t just trust manufacturers and advertising to decide which products are safe for your family – know for sure!

Better Living Tips

When not using the new app to search for products in the store, I find sourcing safe products very convenient online. Sadly, many of the mainstream products available in shops are not the best rated. I have often gone shopping armed with my list of safe mascaras only to find that none of them are stocked at my local chain store.

The Skindeep database also has a link which shows how to source each item, often on Amazon, which can save a huge amount of time searching!


Use EWG’s Amazon Link to Support

Whenever you shop Amazon, and not just for safe products, click through EWG’s Amazon link and they receive a percentage of your purchase with no added cost to you. Just go the bottom of the page and click “Support EWG by Shopping at Amazon”.

Easily support EWG’s crucial efforts without paying an extra penny!

See all of EWG’s consumer guides.


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