ecoStore USA Closing or Continuing? UPDATED

ecoStore USA non toxic productsThe many passionate users of ecoStore products, myself included, were devastated to hear the news last month that ecoStore USA was closing down. But, could there be good news about the future of ecoStore USA?

The company announced on New Year’s Eve that they would no longer be taking orders in the New Year and that the company was closing down. The website was then taken offline and a message on Facebook stated that they would soon be deleting their page, which has over 12,000 followers.

It didn’t sound good…

This announcement, which brought a great many messages of support from loyal customers, seemed to mark a turn-around. Recently ecoStore USA posted that the New Zealand founders would be taking over the US Facebook page. This was quickly followed by messages saying that plans were in motion to continue supplying products to the US market.

It’s unclear whether the company will continue or if product will be shipped in from New Zealand, but either way we are all delighted to be able to continue to use ecoStore’s safe non toxic products!

We’ll keep you posted with developments.

About ecoStore USA

ecoStore products originated in New Zealand, in 1993, and in recent years became popular in the USA with the tagline “No Nasty Chemicals”. Indeed they don’t contain any nasty chemicals and rate low (which is good!) on the EWG Skindeep Database and have an endorsement by Healthy Child Healthy World.

Malcolm Rands, founder and CEO, along with his wife Melanie began as sustainable and organic gardeners but found that they were still exposed to many toxic chemicals through the products they used. This lead them to create ecoStore, become social entrepreneurs, activists and more. Read more about Malcolm Rands.

UPDATE 1/28/14

We are so excited that ecoStore New Zealand has officially announced they will provide products directly to the USA market!

See below video by ecoStore founder and CEO, Malcolm Rands.


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