My Philosophy

Food Should be Enjoyable, Wholesome and Enriching

buffet-58725As a Marketing Communications professional for many years, I’ve had to be skilled in finding enthusiasm for the most mundane of topics. I’m so excited to finally talk about a topic that I’m passionate about… healthy & safe living!

OK, so maybe that sounds mundane to you? Careful, wholesome… tasteless – perhaps these are things that spring to some peoples’ minds when I say “healthy & safe” but I assure you that depravation is not my approach at all. I aim to give you some guidance to make better nutrition & nontoxic choices for yourself and your family.

And, to bring joy back to eating and living where fear and uncertainty, for so many of us, has replaced it!

If you’re like me, you’d like to go to the store and pick up a meal that was locally sourced, organic, non-GMO, cruelty free and fair-trade. Well, good luck finding ANY product that has this many logos on its label! Many large food companies work very hard at making unpleasant information difficult to find.

Are Political Battles the Only Way Toward Changing our Food?

Many of us are watching the fights in Washington over labeling and feel powerless to fight against huge business. But, we do have enormous power – our shopping spend! If you have a brand of product that you enjoy but are unsure of its origins, call the supermarket or manufacturer. If they’re evasive or unhelpful, then be clear that you care about your food and will no longer support their business.

Companies that are truly passionate about the quality of their food will spend the time to tell you about it and go the extra mile to give you the information you request. When these jewels are found, be sure to thank them and post the information you learned on your facebook page.

Change doesn’t have to start at the top, it has already started from the bottom.

If we refuse to purchase products that don’t declare all ingredients and their origins on labels, change will naturally happen.

One of the simplest solutions is to buy from trusted sources. Go to your farmers market and get to know the producers. Go to the farms and look around; many farmers enjoy talking about their accomplishments and are happy to discuss your questions. Your purchasing dollars remain in your local community and not in big business’s deep pocket.

But, we can’t buy everything this way so we must find a way to navigate the grocery isles.

This is where I hope I will be useful. I will talk about the lesser known issues, such as –

  • Did you know that even if you do your best to support environmentally friendly products, they may not be safe for us? Sometimes products marketed to be green are unsafe for humans.
  • There could be ingredients in our food and products, that we shop carefully to avoid, which may be hiding within an ingredient we thought was safe.

Thanks to so many committed partners in the battle for safe, healthy and just goods, there is a wealth of information out there. I aim to boil it down to easily digested pieces and feed you just the information you need to have to give your family the best chance at remaining healthy and sane.

Theresa TierneyBelieve me, this is a topic that we all need to be informed about. I am shocked on a daily basis by what is perpetrated on our food supply and personal & household products.

I hope you find value in my articles and welcome your comments and feedback!

Theresa Tierney


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